Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

The order will be shipped as soon as possible after acceptance and confirmation of payment. By destination and product availability, delivery time can range from 2 to 14 business days.

MERV 8: 2-8 business days
MERV 10: 2-14 business days
MERV 11: 2-14 business days

MERV 13: 2-14 business days


Before ordering, make sure you have the right filter size.
If you order wrong filters, you will have to cover shipping and handling charges for the items.

Shipping time always depends on the availability of the product and if it is in stock. But do not worry, you’ll receive your guaranteed. We make the feet and hands to give you the best service and the best possible delivery time.

The ordered products will become the responsibility of the purchaser when they are delivered by to the transport company. Despite all our efforts and all our precautions when handling our products, you must notify within 48 hours of receiving the product whether a product reaches you in bad condition. After this period, we can not be held liable for damages such product.

In the event of a problem you have received a product in poor condition, will ship the same product or you will pay a financial compensation can not exceed the amount paid, less shipping charges. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product you purchased, return it to us and we will refund the unused portion less shipping charges. The buyer must assume the shipping costs for returning the product. If you have questions about shipping or return policy or if you have received a product in poor condition, contact us by phone as soon as possible.


Free delivery

Most products on our website are offered with “Free Shipping” this means that we assume the entire cost of delivery.


Delivery not included (outside Canada)

Some products on our website are not offered with “Free Shipping”. You will find on the page Cart / Order, a section where you can calculate the cost of delivery to the address provided. Orders are delivered by certified carriers such as Canada Post and Fedex.


Store Pickup

You can always pick up items ordered on our website. When your order is complete, we will contact you by email and phone to confirm that the items are in stock and ready to be picked.