GA12 Vapor Pad humidifier filter (Box of 3 filters)


Box of 3 filters
These filters measure exactly (2″ X 11.625″ X 15″)

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GA12 Vapor Pad – humidifier filter (Box of 3 filters)

The GA12 Vapor Pad filter is an essential part of your humidifier’s operation. It provides an efficient, complete and continuous diffusion of humidity inside your home, contributing to your comfort and health, while improving the quality of the air you breathe.

Optimal efficiency

The GA12 Vapor Pad humidifier filter acts like a sponge. When the warm air of your furnace passes through the filter, the water it contains evaporates and diffuses fine droplets that humidify the ambient air. For optimal comfort, in winter, the humidity level should be around 30%. Below this level, the air becomes dry, which can damage your property and cause many discomforts: irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, dry skin, chapped lips, breathing difficulties, etc.

Easy to install

The GA12 Vapor Pad humidifier filter is easy to install and provides optimal filtration until the last days of use. Made by GeneralAire®, it’s stronger and more durable than humidifier filters sold in big box stores.

GeneralAire® Quality

The GA12 Vapor Pad filter is known for its quality design. It’s built with an expanded aluminum base covered with a hydrophilic material that absorbs water and distributes it evenly. To maximize the performance of your humidifier, it is suggested to replace the filter at least once a season. Over time, water deposits build up on the steam pad, preventing warm air from circulating efficiently. Changing the filter will ensure the proper functioning of your unit.

The GA12 Vapor Pad humidifier filter measures exactly 2″ X 11.625″ X 15″. The box contains 3 filters.

Please note: the vapor pad cannot be cleaned. By trying to remove deposits, you may remove the hydrophilic coating as well. If this happens, your humidifier will be unable to provide humidity to your home. To avoid any inconvenience and to ensure the proper operation of your unit, we invite you to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and replace the filter at the proper interval.


The GA12 Vapor Pad humidifier filter works with the following units:

– Aprilaire 112 Humidifiers

– Aprilaire 224 Humidifiers

– Aprilaire 440 Humidifiers

– Aprilaire 445 Humidifiers

– Aprilaire 445A Humidifiers


Additional information

Weight3.00 lbs
Dimensions2 × 15 × 11.62 in


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