Nu-Calgon 4171-75 Evaporator Foam Cleaner


Creates a fresh scent in the ventilation ducts
Can be sprayed upside down
Non-corrosive for metal and plastic

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Nu-Calgon 4171-75 No-Rinse Evaporator Cleaning Foam

Evap Foam Foam “no rinse” is a high performance and powerful detergent specially formulated with specials surfactants and alkaline cleaners that have been developed into a non-rinsing foaming product. The aerosol product can be sprayed either upside down or upside down and is ideal for all cooling coils.



  • EvapFoam foam liquefies quickly and easily removes dirt, grease, oil and other residue
  • Fortified with corrosion inhibitors, it can be used safely on metals and other materials
  • Can be sprayed on any type of evaporator or air conditioning and heating coil
  • Quick foam without rinsing
  • Simply spray the foam on the coil or evaporator and the foam will remove the emulsified material
  • The aerosol product is registered for NSF, to clean coils in contact with food products.
  • Creates a deodorized space with a pleasant scent of lemon
  • Cleans and deodorizes
  • Creates a fresh scent in the ventilation ducts
  • Can be sprayed upside down
  • Non-corrosive for metal and plastic
  • Evap Rinse-Free Foam is a high-performance, high-performance wash product specifically formulated with surfactant and alkaline detergents and is a foam that does not require rinsing.


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